3 Signs Your Pool Tiles Need Cleaning


While you might keep your pool water clean and check your equipment regularly, you might not pay as much attention to other parts of your pool. For example, you might assume that your tiles are kept clean by the pool's water and its chemicals.

However, this doesn't always work. Tiles also need regular cleaning. If you haven't done this job for a while, then your tiles might show signs that they need a deep clean. How can you tell if your pool tiles need some attention?

1. Your Tiles Have Scale Deposits

If calcium builds up in your pool water, then it can affect your tiles. Left alone, calcium deposits will lodge on the tiles' surfaces. To start with, calcium might simply make your tiles look a little dull. They may look like they have a milky film on them. Over time, these deposits will harden and turn to solid scale.

Often, you see these white deposits around your waterline level. However, bad cases of scaling can appear anywhere on tiles in your pool. While early calcium deposits aren't hard to clean away, you'll find it more difficult to remove this scale when it turns hard. It won't simply wash off.

2. Your Tiles Have Algae or Plant Problems

You can't always prevent algae or plants from affecting your pool. A small chemical imbalance can allow algae to take hold. Organic matter can fall into the water and latch onto tiles or the grout between them.

You should clean your tiles if you see any evidence of organic matter. For example, if algae is growing on them, then you should remove it as soon as possible. If it grows on tiles on the floor of your pool, then it creates a safety risk. It will make the floor slippery to walk on and anyone using the pool could have an accident if they lose their footing.

3. You Have Eye and Skin Problems After Using Your Pool

If you keep your pool water clean and use the right mix of chemicals, then you might not be sure why you get eye and skin problems after you take a swim. These problems can be down to dirty tiles.

If tiles aren't clean, then they encourage bacterial growth. This bacteria spread into the water. You come into contact with it when you use your pool. For the sake of your health, this is a sign that your tiles need to be cleaned.

Cleaning your pool tiles can be a long and difficult job especially if they have hard calcium deposits on them. To speed up the process and restore your tiles to a clean and hygienic state, contact a pool tile cleaning service


30 January 2023

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