4 Tips For Pressure Washing Your House


If your house is looking drab because it has dirt or stains on it, you may be thinking about painting it. Before you paint, you may want to hire a house pressure washing service to get the walls clean so the new paint adheres better. You might even find pressure washing makes your house look so good, you can postpone the paint job. Here are four tips for pressure washing your house.

1. Use The Correct Pressure Setting

One important benefit of hiring a professional house pressure washing service is that a professional has experience and training, so they know how to pressure wash different types of siding without causing damage.

The stream of water from a pressure washer can be quite strong. It can be so powerful that it damages your house. Some types of siding and roofing need a very low pressure so they can be cleaned without being gouged or damaged in any way.

2. Use Proper Techniques

Pressure washing a house seems like a simple job, and it isn't often too difficult, but proper technique must be used to keep water from getting under the roofing or behind the siding. Also, it's important to use the washer and cleaning solutions in a way that the solutions are rinsed off thoroughly so no residue is left behind to dry on the siding.

3. Use The Right Cleaning Products

Gentle soapy water may be all that's needed to clean your siding if the only problems you're trying to clean are dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, and other things that disappear with soapy water and rinsing. If your home has stains from grass, algae, mold, rust, or hard water, chemical treatments may be needed. Simply removing algae and mold won't keep them from coming back. Products that kill the mold and algae are needed, too.

4. Use An Extension Wand

You or the contractor must use the right accessories when pressure washing your house. That includes using the best nozzle since the nozzle controls both the pressure and the width of the spray.

An extension wand is often necessary, too, as this makes it possible to reach the top of your house without using a ladder since the pressure washer can make you unsteady on a ladder. An extension wand is made of lightweight aluminum so it's easy to handle and makes house pressure washing safer to do.

House pressure washing can be done to get your home ready for painting by cleaning it and removing peeling paint. Pressure washing can also be done alone to make your home look cleaner and brighter. After pressure washing, your home may look like it's been painted, so you might be able to put off the expense of hiring a painter or the labor of painting your house yourself.

To learn more about house pressure washing, reach out to a local service.


12 December 2022

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