3 Critical Parts Of Any Commercial Floor Maintenance Plan


Managing the flooring in a large commercial facility is a deceptively complex job. While regular floor cleaning and care may not seem too challenging at first glance, heavy usage, multiple floor types, and the need to work around business needs can make these jobs time-consuming and difficult. A proper floor care plan is essential to simplify the process and ensure your building's floors remain in good shape.

However, building a floor care and maintenance plan is easier said than done. While you should always rely on a professional commercial cleaning company to advise you through this process, it's also important to remember these three critical factors that go into any well-designed plan.

1. Prevention and Protection

Cleaning helps keep your floors looking good, but it also helps them to last for as long as possible. Dirt and debris can grind into carpets or soft materials, while spills can permanently stain porous materials such as concrete. Soiling is inevitable in high-traffic areas, but prevention is still important in any floor care plan to minimize the amount of wear your floors endure.

An experienced commercial cleaning company can help you identify high-traffic areas and take steps to prevent excessive wear and tear. These steps may include adding protective mats, sealing more often, or replacing existing mats with ones designed to deal with high moisture or heavy dirt loads. The more you can minimize the amount of dirt that reaches your floors, the easier it will be to maintain them.

2. Alternating Routine and Deep Cleaning

Routine cleaning is the normal day-to-day work that ensures your floors look good. Depending on the type of building you manage and its traffic levels, you may need daily cleaning or cleaning several times per week. These jobs typically occur outside normal business hours, cause minimal disruption, and keep your floors looking good.

However, day-to-day cleaning won't remove deep set-in dirt or stains or fix minor floor damage such as scuffs and scrapes. In addition to routine cleaning, plan for occasional deep cleaning that may take much longer. These jobs may be better suited to weekends when fewer people are in the building so that intensive cleaning efforts cause less disruption.

3. Sealing and Maintenance

Finally, it's important to remember that most floors require more than just cleaning. Surfaces such as wood or concrete will require occasional resealing, and other surfaces may have their own maintenance requirements. Taking care of these tasks regularly is critical since deferring them for too long can result in expensive damage and a shortened lifetime for your building's flooring.

Because there are so many important aspects to commercial floor care, it's important to always work with a skilled and experienced cleaning company to develop a plan that works for your building. For more information about commercial floor care, reach out to a local service.


24 October 2022

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