Steps To Help You Get Rid Of Pet Odors


If you have recently moved into a home and it smells of pet odors, you may be trying hard to get rid of those pet odors. Unfortunately, some pet odors are stubborn, and it can be challenging to get rid of them. Read along to learn how to remove even the toughest of pet odors in a home. 

Air Your House Out

One of the first things that you should try if you are trying to remove pet odors from your home is airing the house out. Leave the windows and doors open to help air the house out. Additionally, you may wish to run air purifiers to help remove smells from the air. Commercial-grade air purifiers work the fastest, especially in large homes. 

Get the Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Another step that you may want to take as you look to remove pet odors from your home is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Pet odors can linger in both carpet fibers and the padding beneath the carpet. As such, you want to have hot water extraction carpet cleaning performed to help lift as much pet urine, pet dander, and pet odor as possible from the carpet. 

Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Any time you have smells in your home that you cannot get rid of, including pet smells or cigarette smoke scents, you should have your ductwork cleaned. These smells can travel into your ductwork, and from there, they can circulate into your home. Cleaning your ductwork also reduces the amount of dirt and dust in your home, which makes the air quality better. 

Paint the Walls

Lastly, existing paint on your walls can harbor smells. The last step you can take to help remove pet odor from your home is to paint the walls. You may wish to use a primer to help completely cover up any scents that are present in the walls. 

Removing pet odors can be challenging. In fact, the odors can be so bad that it can be hard to determine where the odors are coming from. As such, you may need to treat multiple areas to fully eliminate the smell. If you have pet odors in your home that you are unable to get rid of on your own, a pet odor removal company may be able to help you. They may need to paint the walls and use air purifiers, carpet cleaners, and duct cleaners to fully remove pet odors from your home.

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6 October 2022

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