Keys To Pressure Washing Asphalt Surfaces Around Commercial Property


Eventually, there are going to be asphalt sections around your commercial property that get really dirty. It's a good idea to clean them to keep asphalt surfaces in good shape and also maintain their aesthetics. That's where pressure washing comes in handy. You can have success with it too if you follow these protocols.

Rent the Right Pressure Washer

If you plan on carrying out commercial pressure washing successfully, then you'll need to rent out an optimal pressure washer. You have a lot of models available to choose from. It's just a matter of looking at the market and finding a washer with the right power capabilities and user-friendly settings.

It will also help to rent a pressure washer that is portable because you'll need to move this machinery around where different asphalt sections are dirty. Once you find a pressure washer with all of these useful things, you can rent it out on a short-term basis and get to work.

Assess Condition of Asphalt Before Washing

Before you start using a pressure washer around your commercial property's asphalt, it's a good idea to assess the condition of the asphalt because this will dictate what type of pressure settings you use. For instance, if you find asphalt that's in bad shape, you would want to use a lower pressure setting to avoid causing further damage.

Whereas if you're treating sections of asphalt that are in perfect condition, you can use more power with a pressure washer and subsequently get great cleaning results without having to be as worried about damage.

Watch Tutorials if Inexperienced 

Even if you have a dependable and amazing pressure washer to treat dirty sections of asphalt around your commercial property, you still need to know how to properly use it. Then you'll be able to effectively remove dirt, debris, and other residues from asphalt surfaces effectively.

If this is your first time using a pressure washer, go ahead and watch tutorials. You need to see experienced pressure washers use various machines and focus on their particular techniques. Then you can replicate what they do around your own commercial property. 

Commercial pressure washing is something you should do from time to time because it's going to help keep asphalt sections in great condition and looking nice. As long as you use the right equipment and get pressure washing techniques down, this cleaning process will deliver great results time and time again. 


10 August 2022

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