Recommendations To Clean Your Property Exterior With Commercial Pressure Washing


Spring is here, and outdoor weather is improving to the point where you can more comfortably take care of cleaning your outdoor spaces and the exterior of your home. Commercial pressure washing with the right set-up can provide you with your own system to keep your property and exterior buildings clean and well-cared for—and is also great when you want to hire it out to a company like Shark Pro Wash to be completed professionally. The following provides you with some tips to help you out with pressure washing the exterior of your building.

Prepare the Area

When you are planning to pressure wash the outside areas of your property, you will need to take some time first to get the surfaces ready for a commercial pressure wash treatment. A commercial pressure washer is going to provide you the power to clean off residues and stains on surfaces to restore them to look like new again. 

However, not all the items in your outside area will be included in your cleaning processes, such as light fixtures, windows, gutters, the air conditioner, vehicles, and mortar that is aging and cracking. For this reason, it is important that you cover any areas that are off-limits to the pressure washer, which you can do with a tarp or by avoiding the specific areas. Cover your exterior light fixtures with a trash bag and some tape.

You should also remove any clutter, debris, and other items in the way of cleaning the surfaces properly. This may be an outdoor patio set, equipment, bicycles, buckets, or trash on the ground. It is better that you remove them so your pressure washer does not send trash flying around your property or accidentally gouge into your patio set.

Be Mindful of the Surfaces

Another important detail when you plan to pressure wash is the surfaces you are cleaning and the pressure washer tips you plan to use. A pressure washer will come with several different nozzle tips that spray water at varying speeds and pressure. The higher the degree of spray on a nozzle tip will provide a less powerful spray and the lower the number down to zero will provide a more concentrated harder spray. For example, if you want to clean a soft surface, such as wood or vinyl siding, make sure to use a nozzle tip that has a higher number degree of spray, such as the 65-degree tip. 

If you are ever unsure of the nozzle tip you are using, you should always err on the side of caution and use a higher number tip and complete a test cleaning on your surface. If you want to increase the pressure with a lower-numbered tip, use it on a test area that is not in a conspicuous area in case it causes damage to the surface.


13 April 2022

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