Cleaning the Carpeting in Your Home


Cleaning the carpet inside your home is an important maintenance process that can help to keep the interior of your house looking and smelling cleaning. Unfortunately, there are many ways that individuals could hamper their own efforts to clean the carpeting in their homes.

Intercept Dirt Before It Can Be Tracked Onto the Carpet

Minimizing the amount of dirt that individuals track into your home can drastically reduce the difficulty that you will face in keeping the carpet clean. At a minimum, this process should involve the placement of rugs and doormats near the entrances. This can be a convenient way of intercepting much of the dirt and debris that could be stuck to the shoes of those entering the house. When choosing rugs or doormats, it can be useful to opt for those specifically designed to remove dirt from the shoes of those walking on them. Often, this is accomplished by using fairly rigid bristles that can knock these substances loose.

Apply Carpet Guards After Each Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning the carpet once or twice a year can be a way of substantially improving its look while removing potential sources of unpleasant odors. However, if you have used a carpet guard to minimize the risk of staining, the steam cleaning can compromise its effectiveness. To ensure that your carpet remains protected, this coating may need to be reapplied after each time that you steam clean the carpeting. While it can be tempting to want to apply this protective coating immediately after finishing the steam cleaning process, it is necessary to provide enough time for it to fully dry before the carpet fabric guard is applied.

Avoid Going Too Long Between Vacuuming

Vacuuming the carpet is another very important type of maintenance that it will periodically need. When vacuuming, you will remove dirt and dust before it can get too deep in the fibers to be easily removed. Ideally, the carpet should be vacuumed at least once or twice a week, but areas that receive particularly intense foot traffic may benefit from this being done more frequently. As you vacuum, the movement should be fairly slow as this will give the suction from the vacuum enough time to dislodge and remove debris from the fibers. Unfortunately, individuals will often make the mistake of moving too quickly with the vacuum, and this significantly reduces the amount of debris that it can remove from the carpeting.

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1 March 2022

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