What You Need To Do After The Carpet Is Cleaned


A carpet can pick up dirt easily, and while much of that dirt is easy to get rid of with just some vacuuming, quite a bit can get ground into the carpet fibers. After a while, you need to get the carpet cleaned to remove that dirt, along with hairs and pollen grains that the vacuum couldn't pick up. Cleaning the carpet is simple enough; a carpet cleaning company will move your furniture and then wash the carpet, usually through a form of steam cleaning. They'll sometimes put your furniture back, too – but not always. You need to be aware of what to do and what will happen after the carpet is cleaned to ensure you don't accidentally damage it.   

Stay off the Carpet

Regardless of what the carpet cleaning company does in terms of putting your furniture back, you need to stay off the carpet. Walking around on the carpet will just drag in more dirt and ruin the cleaning job. That dirt, combined with the moisture left in the carpet, becomes harder to remove and won't simply vacuum out. If you absolutely need to cross the carpet, do it in clean socks, preferably white as those socks won't have dyes that could stain the carpet. How long you need to stay off depends on the cleaning process used and how much moisture the cleaning company extracted during the cleaning process; you may have to stay off for an hour, six hours, or more. Many companies advise staying off the carpet for at least six hours.

You Want Airflow

Create as much airflow as you can through the room where the carpet was cleaned. If you have the cleaning company do the work while you're away, you won't be able to leave your door or windows open, so have fans nearby that the cleaning company can turn on. When you get home, open doors and windows, turn on your bathroom fans and keep those doors open (they'll add to the overall air circulation in the home even if the cleaned carpet is nowhere near the bathrooms), and reposition fans so that they work with the new airflow pattern.

Keep Pets and Small Kids Away

In addition to the dirt that kids and pets can track along with them wherever they go, you don't want kids or pets playing on the carpet as it dries. They could end up sitting in one spot that might feel dry to the initial touch but that is still wet closer to the base of the fibers. That would prevent those spots from drying thoroughly.

The carpet cleaning company will give you more details that are specific to their method of cleaning. Follow those for best results.

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4 January 2022

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