Here's Why Manway Water Cannons Are Essential For Every Industry


The drain lines and tanks used in most industries need regular cleaning for optimized performance because biofilm and stubborn burnt food residues are likely to compromise future product safety and quality if the tanks used in the food industry aren't clean. Besides, industrial drain lines that facilitate the disposal of greywater, waste fluids, and sewage need to be cleaned often to prevent problems such as clogs and blockages. If your sector can't run efficiently without clean tanks and drains pipes, the best cleaning equipment to use is a manway water cannon.

Fundamentals of Manway Water Cannons

Manway water cannons top the list of automated hydro jetting equipment. Hydro jetting is simply a way of cleaning industrial equipment using high-pressure water. These cleaning machines are flexible enough to reach and clean an entire industrial tank's surface without constant movement and adjustments. Plus, they come with interchangeable tips that allow you to pick any that suits your needs. Moreover, the cameras installed in manway cannons are designed to let technicians inspect tanks and drain pipes to ensure they are impeccable and their shells and floors are in excellent condition.

Reasons To Use Manway Water Cannons

The most outstanding reasons to work with manway water cannons include the following:

1. Optimum safety

Industrial tank cleaning has its fair share of risks. First, some tanks hold flammable materials that can ignite, leading to catastrophic fires and explosions. Moreover, some of the gases and vapors released by industrial tanks and drains are toxic and harmful to humans. Most of the residues and sludge found in drain lines and tanks tend to be hazardous. Therefore, accidentally inhaling, ingesting, or coming into direct contact with them is detrimental. Suppose you want your team to be safe from these and many more issues associated with tank cleaning. In that case, the best option is to use manway water cannons. Since they are automated, your workers won't need to unseal or enter an industrial tank or drain line. Plus, they come with separate workstations.

2. Cleaner equipment

Cleaning the tanks and drain lines your industry heavily relies on is incredibly challenging. The residue and sludge left behind in tanks used by sectors like general food processing, liquor, and petrochemicals are stubborn and extremely hard to get rid of. Therefore, manual cleaning is messy, if not impossible. And if there's a remote chance of doing it, the entire process is physically exhaustive and time-consuming. On the other hand, manway water cannons are specially designed to automatically clean tank surfaces and the underside of floating roofs. That way, these cleaning solutions ensure your industrial equipment is spotless and eradicate the need for pressure washing. 


16 November 2021

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