3 Reasons To Hire A Crawlspace Encapsulation Service


Since crawlspaces are out of sight, for many homeowners, they're also out of mind. And the fact that they are low-maintenance, non-livable sections of a home, in many residences, they remain untouched.

When conducting home improvements, many homeowners forget to engage a crawlspace encapsulation service. Yet, most of the indoor air in households gets into the house through crawlspaces. Sealing the perimeter of your crawlspaces allows you to maintain quality indoor air. Continue reading this article to learn other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation.

Protect Your Home From Mold

Mold is an all-season fungus that virtually exists as spores in indoor and outdoor spaces, waiting for the perfect conditions to grow. While it's impossible to rid your indoor air of any mold spores that might be floating around, you should maintain a clean and dry indoor environment that doesn't encourage mold growth.

Indoor mold grows on surfaces, causing significant damage to your furniture and compromising the structural integrity of your house. Mold can also ruin your clothes since they cause permanent fabric staining. What's more, inhaling mold dust can significantly compromise your respiratory function. 

By encapsulating your crawlspaces, you ensure that unwanted moisture doesn't find its way into your home and encourage the growth and spread of this destructive fungus. Contact a crawlspace encapsulation service that will ensure your crawlspaces don't become the breeding grounds for mold.

Boost Energy Savings

Encapsulation is a surefire way of boosting your home's energy performance because the crawlspace seal has insulation properties. In fact, securing your crawlspace allows you to use the area as the installation site for your HVAC unit.

Since the crawlspace insulating material is a poor conductor of heat, it prevents heat exchange between your house and the outdoor space. As a result, your home's indoor temperatures won't be influenced by the weather outside.

During inclement weather, your encapsulated crawlspaces will ensure that the warmth generated by your HVAC system doesn't escape outside. And in summer, the insulation will prevent outdoor heat from compromising your indoor comfort. Encapsulated crawlspaces collaborate with your HVAC system to promote low energy consumption all-year-round.

Improves the Comfort of Your Floors

Since crawlspaces are right under your floors, insulating them makes your floor surfaces comfortable to walk on. This is especially true during winter months when tile floors tend to be unbearably cold. Hiring a crawlspace encapsulation service ensures you don't have to invest in floor rugs and carpets to keep your feet warm.

If you've never thought about encapsulating your crawlspaces, be sure to engage a crawlspace encapsulation services to enjoy these and so many other benefits.


10 September 2021

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