3 Ways To Make Your Wooden Deck Last Longer


Whether you've recently had a wooden deck added or are simply in the planning stages, you undoubtedly want the deck to last for as long as possible. Although wood is basically a durable material, it's nonetheless vulnerable to damage by insect pests, adverse weather conditions, and everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, strategies exist that will help keep your wooden deck strong, sturdy, and attractive for many years. Following are just three of the many ways you can make your wooden deck last longer. 

Keep It Clean and Clear

Dust, leaves, evergreen needles, and other assorted debris has the potential to wreak havoc on the surface of your wood deck. For instance, a pile of vegetative debris that is left on the deck instead of swept up may begin to attract insect and rodent pests. If left for more than a couple of days, fungal colonies might begin to establish themselves, and if rain, water from sprinklers, or any other source gets the vegetation wet, you could end up with a stained deck. Always sweep your deck well, particularly during autumn.  It's also important to keep your deck clear of snow during the winter. Snow that's been allowed to pile up is deceptively heavy, and it also adds potentially damaging moisture to the wood. 

Use a Grease Trap on Your Grill 

Grease stains are one of the worst things that can happen to the aesthetics of a deck. Grease stains are extremely difficult to remove once they get set in, so use a grease trap to help ensure that grease doesn't end up splattering on your deck. It's also a good idea to add another layer of protection by adding rubber mats under your grill.

Pressure Wash Your Deck Once or Twice Per Year

How often you pressure wash your deck will depend on the amount of usage that it gets as well as on environmental conditions. If your household size is small and your deck is primarily used on an occasional basis, you probably only need to pressure wash it once per year. However, if your deck gets regular use, especially if you do a lot of grilling, you'll probably want to pressure wash it twice a year. No matter how much or how little it gets used, it may require pressure washing twice per year if you live in a dusty area or your deck is near or under trees that drop messy leaves and/or fruit. 

For more information, reach out to a power washing service.


21 May 2020

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