3 Things To Talk To Your Janitorial Service About


If you own a medical clinic or manage one, then you know just how important it is for you to keep the space clean. Because you are working with sick people all day long, it's important that you keep the space as clean as possible so that you don't spread any germs or bacteria. But, before you even consider cleaning everything up on your own, you should definitely hire a janitorial service that specializes in medical facility clean up. When you are hiring one of these companies, though there are a few specific things for you to talk to them about. But what exactly? This article will list three specific things to go over with them during the interviewing process. 

How Do You Dispose of Needles? 

One of the biggest things that you will want to your medical facility clean up company about is how they dispose of used needles. Because needles not only contain antibiotics and vaccinations, but they can also spread viruses, it's important that the company you hire knows exactly how to dispose of them. For instance, they shouldn't just put them in a garbage back and then put them in a landfill, but they need to dispose of them at a specific facility that will take care of them. 

How Often Do You Clean? 

Another thing you will want to talk to them about is how often they clean. For instance, you may want to hire a company that will come by and clean your facility a few times a day; especially if you are really busy and have tons of patients that come through. Even if you only have them clean the restrooms and change out the toilet paper a few times a day, it will be worth it to keep your patients happy. 

What Cleaners Do You Use?

The goal of having someone clean your medical facility is to cut back on germs, the spread of illnesses, and bacteria. But, if your cleaners aren't using anti-bacterial cleaners, they aren't going to be able to do this. Not only will you want them to use powerful cleaners but you will want to make sure that they aren't so strong that the smells are making your patients ill. 

Hiring a janitorial service, such as Janitorial Services Atlanta, is a great way to keep your medical facility clean, but there are definitely things that you should talk to them about before you complete the hiring process. 


30 April 2019

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