Do You Need Industrial Cleaning Services? Three Factors You Should Consider When Hiring A Janitorial Service


Industrial cleaning services are one of the niches that many janitorial services and commercial cleaning businesses offer. If you own an industrial warehouse space or do business in one, you may be looking for a service to clean up the space. However, cleaning an industrial space is different than cleaning an office, a hospital or a restaurant. As such, there are specific factors you need to look at as you look to hire a janitorial service for your industrial space. Here are three of the factors that you should consider before hiring a commercial cleaning company. 

What Experience the Company Has Cleaning Industrial Spaces Similar to Yours

As you look to hire a professional to clean up your industrial space, you should pay attention to what experience the company has cleaning industrial spaces similar to yours. Cleaning an industrial space that cuts and shapes wood is going to be different than cleaning an industrial space where metal is formed, rolled and molded. A company that has experience cleaning an industrial business similar to yours knows how to properly clean the space and remove the residue and debris that is built up on your floors, countertops and light fixtures. 

What Cleaning Tools and Products the Company Uses

Another factor you should consider when hiring a cleaning service for your industrial space is what cleaning tools or products the company uses that may be beneficial to your business. For example, if woodwork and cutting take place in your industrial space, you may have a lot of wood debris and residue lying around. You want to find a cleaning service that uses a commercial shop vacuum with a heavy-duty filter to sufficiently remove all of the sawdust and debris left behind. Asking about the tools and products they use can help you ensure that your space will be properly cleaned. 

What is Cleaned as Part of the Cleaning Service

The last factor to consider when you need industrial cleaning services is what the company offers as part of the cleaning service. Some cleaning industrial cleaning services will only touch certain surfaces, such as floors, countertops and the bathrooms in your space. Other companies may train their employees on how to clean your pieces of machinery and equipment, so those can be thoroughly cleaned as well. Some businesses prefer to clean their own machinery and equipment, while others may not. If you do not, you will want to find a company who cleans everything in the building. 

When your industrial space needs to be cleaned, you need to look for a janitorial service or commercial cleaning business who has experience cleaning the type of industrial space you have. In addition to this, you should always ask what cleaning tools they use that are beneficial to your business and what the cleaning consists of. This will help you select the right cleaning service for your business. 

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18 December 2017

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