New Berber Carpeting? Here's How To Care For It


Berber carpet is becoming quite popular among homeowners. The closed fibers make for a very clean, pristine look. But while Berber carpet looks neat and tidy when it's new, it can easily become frayed and disheveled if not cared for properly. To keep your Berber carpet looking its best, here are some simple tips you can follow.

Always vacuum without brushes.

Brushes make vacuuming more effective with standard, open-fiber carpets. But with Berber carpet, there's nothing to comb through. Brushes will do more harm than good, ripping up fibers and leading to fraying. Always vacuum your Berber carpet either with a floor attachment (which should not have a brush) or with a vacuum attachment made specifically for Berber carpets. (Some higher-end vacuums come with this specific type of attachment, though you may need to purchase it as an add-on.)

Don't rub when removing stains.

Similarly to vacuum brushes, cloths and hand brushes can fray the fibers if you use them to clean up stains. So, when you spill something on the carpet, blot the spill up—don't rub it. Soak the stain in your shampoo or stain-remover mixture, and then put a towel directly over the wet area. Press straight down; the moisture should absorb into the towel. If you have a chamois, use this instead; it soaks the liquid up even more effectively than a towel.

Extract as much water as possible after shampooing.

The closed-loop structure of Berber carpet also makes it highly effective at trapping in moisture. This can lead to mold growth and unpleasant odors. So, when you shampoo the carpet, you'll want to take some steps to keep it as dry as possible. Don't eject any more liquid into the carpet than you need to. Also, go over the carpet an extra time to suck up extra moisture at the end. Leave windows and doors open, and turn on the ceiling fan to ventilate the room and cause moisture to evaporate more quickly.

Move furniture with caution.

When you need to move furniture or any other item across your Berber carpet, pick it up and then set it down again. Never slide it, as this may fray the carpet fibers.

To learn more about caring for a Berber carpet, talk to a carpet cleaning company in your area. You may also want to look over any literature that came with your new carpet for specific care instructions.


20 April 2017

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