A Few Ways To Restore Water Damaged Wood


Whether someone accidentally spilled water on your favorite coffee table and neglected to wipe it up, or the pipe broke in the upstairs bathroom and leaked water down into the living room, water damage can destroy a piece of furniture. Here are a few tips for cleaning and restoring your wooden furniture so you do not have to replace it.

Dry the Furniture

The first thing you need to do is to dry the piece completely. If the water is still visible, use towels to blot it. If you are not sure, perhaps the water seeped into a joint or under the finish, use fans and heat to make sure the piece is dry. If the weather is nice and warm you can let it sit outside for a day or so. If the weather does not allow this, find a room you can close completely, put the damp furniture in it and rent a few space heaters.

Removing a Water Stain

If the wood or finish shows a water stain, you can get rid of it. Place a soft towel on the stain and then run an iron on a low setting over the towel. Make a few passes and then check the stain. Keep doing this until the stain is gone or almost gone. You can then use a wood polish to take care or any remaining stain and give the wood its luster once again.

Getting Rid of Bubbles

If the water has gotten into the wood and caused the top layer to bubble, you may think you are stuck with the defect or will just have to sand the whole top and redo the finish. However, there is another alternative. Go to a farm store or a pet store and purchase a syringe with a needle. Once you are sure the piece is dry, put some wood glue into the syringe and carefully inject it into the bubble. Place a towel on top of the bubble and then something heavy like a brick or book to force the wood back down and hold it until the glue does its job.

Do not despair that water damaged wood is destroyed forever. If you try the above methods and the piece is still showing damage, contact a professional water damage company, like A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning. Unless the piece has been soaked and allowed to sit for an extended time so that the wood begins to rot, a professional can help. 


10 April 2017

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