Three Reasons To Use A Natural Mold Cleaner


There are many reasons you might prefer to use a tried-and-true mold-killing solution such as bleach or ammonia (be careful never to use both at once, though), but if you're tired of the same old go-round and these haven't been cutting it for you, you may wish to look into some arguments in favor of natural mold-killing cleaners. Here are some reasons why natural cleaners may be a better bet in certain situations.

1. Safer for children and pets

Whether you have a big brood of kids, run a daycare, or are just an animal lover, it's very important to you to keep your home safe so they won't be able to accidentally drink something in the cleaning cabinet and die. This is totally understandable. If you're in this situation, your first line of defense for fighting mold should be vinegar. It's highly acidic, so it can irritate mucous membranes and so on, but it's totally non-toxic and you can basically spray it on every surface in your home without worrying about your one-year-old licking the surface later and having to be rushed to the hospital. Hydrogen peroxide, although toxic if ingested from the bottle, quickly becomes nonreactive within a few minutes or hours of being sprayed onto a moldy surface. It undergoes a chemical reaction that turns it into water and air, both of which are generally considered safe for children in moderate amounts.

2. Lower levels of VOCs

VOCs are volatile chemicals that get into the air and from there into your respiratory system. Even if you don't have kids or pets or so much as a goldfish, you're right to worry about the air quality in your home if you spray bleach around the house daily or weekly. Using high-quality air filters, filling your home with houseplants, and installing a separate air cleaning system can all help with your indoor air quality, but if you simply forgo the dangerous VOC-emitting chemicals such as bleach. you can keep your indoor air that much cleaner. 

3. Can kill mold roots in porous materials

Although bleach is a great mold killer for surfaces such as tile and porcelain, its mold-killing aspects don't reach deeper than the surface layer. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, though, can soak in and kill mold at a deeper level, which can make it less likely to grow back later on and start the whole mold-cleaning cycle over again.

These three reasons demonstrate some of the thinking that justifies switching from bleach-based cleaners to more natural and less conventional types of mold-killing alternative cleaning solutions such as vinegar. If those still aren't getting the job done, reach out to a professional, such as Servpro Of Washington County, for do your mold remediation. They'll know the best way to get you long-lasting results. 


7 April 2017

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