Need To Find A New Roommate? Share Carpet Cleaning Costs With Your Current One


When you initially rented the apartment that you are living in, you may have done it in collaboration with a roommate. But most people do not intend on living with a roommate for their entire life. It makes sense that roommates will reach a point in which they are ready to move out on their own at different times. You may be in a similar situation where you have a roommate leaving shortly, which means you or your roommate will need to put time and effort into finding a replacement to move in and pay rent. It is an ideal time to get carpet cleaning service while splitting the costs with your current roommate.

Make It Easier to Attract Potential Roommates

Just having a room that is available for rent will attract some people. But, you will do a better job of it if you are able to take pictures of the apartment and show off carpeting that is exceptionally clean. This means you will need to get this service done before you start listing the room as available. Since you will need to move the furniture around in the home to handle this service, it may be the perfect time for your roommate to start disassembling some pieces as a way to take up less space inside the apartment.

Set an Example for Keeping Things Clean

Since you will be sharing so much of an apartment with a roommate, you do not want to set an example that it is perfectly acceptable to be a little messy around the home. A dirty carpet with stains might give off this message after they come to check out the unit and see the carpet's condition in person. It makes sense for roommates to deal with problems where compromises must be made, but you will find it easier to make a convincing argument about cleanliness when you give the new roommate clean carpeting.

Bring the Carpet to a Fresh Slate

It is likely that you and the current roommate split the security deposit costs. So, this means that you are both responsible for maintaining the home. It is an excellent time to get carpet cleaning before they leave as this will put the responsibility of the carpet's condition in the hands of you and your new roommate. At the end of renting, if charges come in related to the carpet, you can deduct it from your portion.

While you can get carpet cleaning service at any time, doing it when switching roommates is ideal. Contact a company like Jay's Carpet Cleaning to have your carpets cleaned.


6 April 2017

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