Want To Rent An Office Space? 3 Tips To Keep Office Cleaning Costs To A Minimum


If you have reached a point with your business in which you are ready to rent an office space, you have a number of important decisions to make to continue on a successful path. When you rent an office, you will have higher operational costs that you need to account for, so it is helpful to know how to reduce these expenses. It is important to keep your office space clean, and the best use of time and money is with professional cleaning. To minimize cleaning costs, you should look for offices with certain qualities.

Avoid Private Bathrooms and Kitchens

Although it is nice to have a private bathroom or kitchen for you and your employees to use, they are more of a luxury that you do not need to have. Since these rooms are often the toughest to clean for office cleaners, you are better off not getting them with your first office leasing. You would also have to account for replenishing toiletries, which can cost a premium when done by professionals.

Prioritize Smaller Offices

Although it is true that larger offices get lower rates per square foot, this does not equate to less spending. First, you have to consider what dedicated spaces you must have in your office. Also, you should find out how many employees you plan on having in the office, while also accounting for potential growth in the near future. A president may typically require 400 square feet, but you can go smaller to save money. But, you should give each employee at least 125 square feet of room to make sure they are comfortable. After accounting for you, your employees, and the general areas, you will know the minimum square footage that you need. Aiming for this number will help you keep your office cleaning expenses down.

Collaborate with Neighboring Tenants

When renting an office space, you will likely have a few neighbors. Similar to how large offices pay a smaller amount per square foot, working with other tenants to get office cleaning can lower your rates. This is an easy way to reduce your costs that does not require making any sacrifices on your part. The one variable is whether your tenants actually want new cleaning services, which you can only find out after renting a space. So, while this method can be effective, you should not rely on it for your only savings.

Putting a great deal of thought into what office you rent can help you save on office cleaning costs. Contact a business, such as Emerita's House Cleaning, for more information.   


23 May 2016

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