Cleaning Tips: Basic And Deep Cleaning Of Mini Blinds


Vinyl mini blinds are a great option when you have a small window in your home and need a budget-friendly option that is easy to take care of. While little maintenance is needed for these types of blinds, you will need to clean them occasionally. Here is a basic and a more advanced method of cleaning your mini blinds.

How to Use a Basic Cleaning Method

The basic cleaning method is used when you don't have much time to clean the vinyl mini blinds, but want to freshen them up. It is also the cleaning method that will be used most often, such as during routine house cleaning. This is a very simple way to clean the blinds and helps to remove any dirt or dust. To do the basic cleaning method, add mild dish soap and warm water to a bucket. Move the blind slats so that they are pointing down. Dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and run it along each slat of the blinds. Don't get the cloth too wet; just enough to wipe down the blinds.

If they are very dusty, you will need to dip the cloth back into the bucket several times as you do this. Start with the top slat and work your way down as you wipe them. Now move the slats so they are pointed up, and repeat the process to clean the other side of them. Make sure you are only cleaning one at a time, even if it seems tedious. This gets them as clean as possible. When they are clean, use another cloth with just water to rinse the soap from the slats, then dry them with a dry cloth.

How to Give Them a Deep Cleaning

If you have a little more time or it has been a while since you have cleaned the blinds, the deep cleaning method might work a little better. This is required when you are doing spring cleaning or there is a lot of buildup on the blinds due to lack of cleaning them. For deep cleaning, you need to remove the blinds from the wall by unscrewing them from the mounting brackets. Once you unscrew them and remove them from the wall, roll up the blinds with the cord.

When your blinds are removed, you are going to soak them and clean them in your bathtub. Fill the tub with warm water, just enough to where it will cover the blinds. Add some dish soap to the water and place the blinds inside the tub of water. Let them soak for a while to let the soapy water remove buildup and grease from the blinds. You can also wipe down the slats of the blinds if you feel it is needed.

When they are clean, pull the plug of the tub and let the water drain, but leave the blinds in the tub. Run the shower or faucet water when the soapy water goes down in order to rinse off the blinds. Place them on a large towel to dry completely before putting them back up on the wall.

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15 September 2015

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