4 Ways To Reduce Pet Hair Buildup In Your Carpets


Having carpeting and having a dog don't mix well; dogs are notorious for shedding a great deal, which can be a pain when you have carpeting in your home. If you're tired of constantly having to vacuum your carpets to remove the layers of pet hair, the good news is that there are some steps you can take to reduce pet hair buildup in your carpets and enjoy a cleaner home.

Invest in a Summer De-Shedding Treatment

Many dog breeds have a thick undercoat that sheds in the summer, so if you have a dog with a shedding undercoat, it might be worth it to have your dog professionally groomed and given a de-shedding treatment in the middle of summer. During this treatment, a groomer will give your dog a bath using anti-shed shampoo and will also use an undercoat brush to remove as much of the undercoat as possible. This should greatly reduce shedding, even in long-haired dogs.

Groom Your Dog Outdoors

Brushing your dog regularly is important when it comes to reducing shedding and keeping your dog's coat nice and healthy. However, when you take the time to groom your dog, it's best to do so outdoors. Even if you take your dog into a separate area of the home away from carpeting (such as a bath tub) to brush its fur, it's inevitable that some dog hair will become airborne and end up in the carpets anyway. You can avoid this, however, by simply grooming your dog outdoors.

Give Your Dog Its Own Furniture

Does your dog love to sleep and roll around on the carpet? If so, then you might want to consider investing in some "doggy" furniture that it can sleep, roll around, and sit on--and that's more appealing than your carpet. A doggy bed, dog mat, and even enclosed play pen is a great solution to keep your dog from spending so much time on the carpet and thus reduce the amount of pet hair that ends up there as well.

Make Sure Your Dog is Bathed Regularly

Finally, understand that regular bathing is an important part of dog ownership. Not only will regular baths help keep your dog smelling decent and free of fleas or insects, but baths also help to remove excess fur and reduce shedding. You may even want to look into using a shed-treatment shampoo for the best possible results.

If, however, you find you need a good carpet cleaning to get rid of stubborn dog hair, contact a professional carpet cleaning service, like Atlantic Carpet Care, to come take care of the job for you.


5 August 2015

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