Three Things To Expect When Cleaning Gender-Neutral Restrooms


Restrooms that are gender-neutral are on the rise and can be found at both city-run facilities and some workplaces. They are also becoming very popular on college campuses. Since commercial janitorial services include cleaning restrooms, here are three things to expect when it comes to cleaning ones that are labeled gender-neutral.  

Expect to See Both Men and Women in the Restroom

This would seem to be the most obvious expectation when cleaning a gender-neutral restroom. However, if your cleaning service is located in what is typically considered a conservative area, this realization might be a bit of a shock for some. For years, restrooms in the workplace and on college campuses have been labeled, "men" and "women." But now for political reasons and as a way to make those who identify with a different gender more comfortable, janitors can expect to see both genders in restrooms that are labeled "all-gender," "gender-neutral," or "unisex."

Expect to Clean a Larger Area

Gender-neutral restrooms tend to be larger in size than traditional restrooms for either men or women. In order to ensure safety and privacy, there are usually no urinals. This means more stalls are needed for both men and women using the toilet. With more people using the restroom, there is also going to be more sinks for washing wands. In order to estimate how much time it's going to take to clean the restroom, go to the cleaning time estimator. This tool gives the amount of time it takes to clean commodes, doors, and mirrors per thousand square feet.

Expect it to be More Difficult to Clean

Since there are a lot more people using them, gender-neutral restrooms tend to be messier. While research has shown that men generally make more of a mess than women, it's the ladies who bring a higher level of germs into a restroom. There are three reasons for this: 

  • Women bring children into the restroom with them
  • Women use the restroom on a more regular basis
  • Women stay in the restroom for longer amounts of time

When germ-laden ladies and messy men share one restroom, it's bound to be harder to clean.

Whether or not you agree with college campuses implementing gender-neutral restrooms, it is clear that they are here to stay. As a janitor, now that you know what to expect when it comes to cleaning gender-neutral restrooms, it will help make your job a little easier.

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31 July 2015

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